The introduction of the present from everyone.

'Big 5' in South Africa
We got this from Paul-san.
This is the plate of the wooden products
which a pattern took
the African Continent from.
South African 5 big animals are
being dug in this.
Thank you very much
for the wonderful present !
South African Beer
We got this from Welly-san & Charlie-san.
These are empty cans.
This is very delicious beer.
We finished drinking in an instant.
Thank you very much !
The Accessories 2
We got this from Terri-san.
I haven't seen her directly.
And yet, she is very kind to us.
I am very glad !!
I am looking forward to the day
when I can meet you.
Thank you !!
The Accessories 1
We got this from Gavin-san & John-san.
We got much present
from them in these others.
We like these all.
Thank you very much.
Key rings
We got this from Paul-san & Cyril-san.
This key-rings is wonderful design.
The autographs of them are written.
We are handled at once.
Thank you very much.
We got this from Brian-san.
This is very cute.
A beautiful tone can be heard.
We treasure this bell.
Thank you.
The Elephant of stone
We got this from Rudy-san.
This Elephant is very nice face.
Maybe , I think this one is stone.
Mama is the gladdest.
Thank you very much.
The Elephant
We got this from
Baron-san , Derick-san , Brian-san , Paul-san.
Because it was the first time,
we are very glad that it got such a big elephant.
Thank you very much.
Wall Decoration 3
We got this from Mike-san.
Though it could be a little hard to see,
we got the spoon and the fork of the bottom
right from him.
Thank you very much .
Candle Glass
We got this from Mike-san.
Does this put the candle in the inside?
We like it because the zebra is cute.
Thank you very much.



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