The introduction of the present from everyone.

Many Beers
We got this from
John-san & Allan-san.
These are much beer made in South Africa.
I think "Their bag was very heavy."
We drank variously, and tried to compare it.
Each was peculiar, and every beer was delicious.
Thank you very much !!
Key Rings No image
We got this from Charlie-san.
His autograph is written to this.
Thank you for the wonderful recollections.
A South African folkcraft 2
We got this from Roger-san.
The life of the South African
race can seem to be seen in the eyes.
This is probably handmade stuff.
This is exhibited in Melody-Bar.
Thank you !!
The glass of TOYOTA
We got this from Anthony-san.
The mark of TOYOTA and the date of
his birthday is being drawn in this glass.
I think that this is the remembrance
of something.
Was I allowed to get such an important thing ?
We treasure this.
Thank you very much !!



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