Kris-san & Scott-san
Scott-san is the third stay at the Melody-Bar.
I think that he resembles the player of the American,
professional wrestling.
Do you want to know why I say such ?
Because I like American, professional wrestling very much.
Kris-san is 24 years old. He is very young !
Let's enjoy hard lock music together !

He came to Japan alone.
But, he isn't lonely because he was met by the member
of the crowd which has stayed in Japan since last month.
Now, Melody-Bar is very lively.
I sometimes think ,"Is this really Japan?" That is a funny story...
"Fanie-san" is a "funny" person as his name.
He sings a song well with karaoke.
Thank you for the time when it is enjoyable and pleasant always !!

Tony-san & Darran-san & Tim-san & Nersen-san
& Nicholas-san & Floyd-san & Sizwe-san

Their name is introduced to turn from the left.
Tony-san & Floyd-san have been in Japan since last month.
Other members visited Japan after he went in this month.
These visitors from South Africa are 11 people at present.
Though they aren't reflected by this photograph,
‚q‚‚‡‚…‚’-san & ‚j‚…‚Ž-san & Gavin-san & Leslie-san
are staying in Japan, too.
Melody-Bar is very lively, and very pleasant, now !!
Every day seems to deify it !!

Gavin-san & Leslie-san
Gavin-san is the fourth visiting at this time.
With what !! Visiting of three times is this year before long.
It is probably that cause, he speaks Japanese well.
Then, he uses chopsticks very well.
Gentle Leslie-san, you shouldn't be defeated by him,
and enjoy Japan, please !

Tony-san & Floyd-san
They are very cheerful and happy !!
They took a picture of us family, and said like this.
"We report this photograph on the public information journal
of the South African company."
We heard that, and we thought very happy.
We became a little ashamed at the same time with that.
Because we are very shy !!
But we appreciate their thoughtfulness. Thank you very much !!

‚q‚‚‡‚…‚’-san & ‚j‚…‚Ž-san
They arrived at Japan today.
They are the acquaintances of Anthony-san & Paul-san
which came to Japan before.
They didn't have vigor because they were tired, tonight.
Tomorrow, let's sing with karaoke together.
Please enjoy Japan for three weeks from now !!

Welly-san & Charlie-san
It is the first time that Charlie-san stays in Japan at this time,
Welly-san is the second time.
They are very cheerful and happy.
Please sing with karaoke very much.
I hope you have a wonderful summer in Japan !!

John-san & Gavin-san
Their arrival schedule to Japan was delayed.
Because there were SARS and a typhoon.
They start on a journey and they were misfortune continuation.
For that, have a good time in Japan, please !!
To Gavin-san, Be careful that you don't injure
your physical condition on your way home.



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